Rooms & Suites
Bask in glorious luxury
The executive, imperial rooms at the Casa are designed to pamper you with an array of exquisite fumishing and tasteful living. Every room opens to a balcony that offers a scenic view of the surrounding greenery. The suites have a paramount air about them, that makes you feel like a monarch. Exdusive play areas, facilities, extra beds and mattresses are provided to make the place a befitting stay even for the little princes and princesses.

A blend of Victorian style furniture and modern comforts, the rooms have a finesse anout them make your stay rejuvenating. Every room is provided with a work area, a DVD library help and high-speed internet access. The floor-to-ceiling windows offer a feeling of space as aalso a spectacular view. The elegant warm-toned interiors including a plush king bed with Italian, linene, marble bath with rain shower complement the feel of the room and provide a relaxing stay.